Monday, June 15, 2009

Here are photos recording three days work on the painting of Bill Torrey in the woods with his forwarder, sharpening his saw.

The first one, at the bottom, was a day spent painting Bill's dog and a few logs. The second one, in the middle, was the next day when I added Bill, his saw and the stump he was using as a workbench. The top one was the next day, when I completed the forwarder and tractor with logs on it. I was able to complete the painting in two more days and it's finished now!


  1. Thank you Kathleen. What a delight to see Bill, Levi, and the Hardy forwarding trailer so beautifully captured on canvas. I have known Bill for over 30 years now and, from what I can see, you have gotten his colorful forest conservation story just right. What a gift!


  2. David, thank you. It means a lot to hear I got it right!