Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This past weekend I started the last of the five paintings I am doing for this commission project. It is a small oil, dear to my heart, and I am hoping it will come out as well as I can envision it in my head! When it is finished I will turn my attention to all the WRITING that still needs to happen for this project! Each painting will have text accompanying it to get at the issues I am trying to elucidate in this work. And there is an artists statement to write as well.

Yesterday I was interviewed by Brent Bjorkman of Th Vermont Folklife Center. He is documenting the process of creating all these paintings and photographs by the ten Art of Action Artists. It was a wonderful couple of hours spent reflecting and conversing about art, community our forest landscape and making meaning in our lives. Thank you Brent, for your kind and careful work.

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  1. I saw your show at the Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchaster - well done! I especially liked the small oil of the red barn. Keep painting and let us know when your next show is - Paul