Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here are the five paintings I created for Art of Action, framed and ready to deliver, on my studio floor last weekend. Sunday the work was boxed and taken to the West Monitor Barn in Richmond, along with the work of the 9 other artists involved in the project. It was amazing to see all the work that had been made, together, for that afternoon. Next it will be broken into groups and sent around the state on tour. First up: Hand Motors in Manchester, starting September 4.

This has been a wonderfully rewarding project. I have loved showing my work at Addison County Field Days (thanks Chris Olson!), working with kids in schools and at the career center forestry program, talking with foresters, loggers and all the other concerned Vermonters who've spoken to me about our woods and the work I'm doing, and, as always, pushing paint around with a brush. Thanks Lyman and Janice.

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